Crypto is Mainstream!

Updated: Mar 4

Cryptocurrency is everywhere. It is no surprise that big corporations are sprinting into the crypto space. Exchanges across the globe are at all time highs in terms of volume and prices are shooting through the roof. Bitcoin has shot past all time highs and has gained 125% since Christmas. Just two months and you could have been on your way to financial freedom.

Bitcoin Dominance

Bitcoin is leading the market in 2021 passing a trillion dollars in market cap which is still far behind golds evaluation (7.3 Trillion). If BTC caught gold, that would put Bitcoin at around $392,000 for 1 Bitcoin!

Protect your gains

Alt coin season is weeks away. We anticipate Bitcoin to start to trade sideways for the next month. Get into your favorite alt coins now before you miss the next move. Learn how to convert your alt coins into new ones! Adoption into the crypto currency across the world is evident. Crypto currency will be in everyones pocket by 2030 hands down. Bitcoin will not be the only successful digital currency.

Trading Season

With tax day right around the corner, expect market volatility. Exchanges will freeze. Do not make a rookie mistake and not have multiple exchanges live and ready to go. Call us and become a member for our daily digital trading tips and have this done for you weekly.

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